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Retirement can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling times of your life, but it can also be fraught with challenges and uncertainty. The landscape is constantly changing. New laws are enacted each year that change the rules of the game, and strategies that worked best last year might not work well this year. How do you stay ahead of the curve? By treating your wealth the same way you treat your health -- with a yearly checkup!

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Meet Casey Weade

There is a cavernous difference between pre-retirement financial planning and post-retirement financial planning. In fact, the two are diametrically opposed. That is the mantra of Casey B. Weade, CFP®. Casey Weade, a leading retirement planning professional, has been a sought-after speaker in northeastern Indiana on progressive personal finance and retirement planning strategies. You can watch him as he hosts his very own television show on ABC or listen in as he co-hosts his radio show.

Casey Weade works to provide comprehensive financial planning strategies to pre-retired and retired individuals, helping them achieve total wealth optimization and reliable income sources in retirement. A firm believer in achieving success through a personalized strategy, Mr. Weade acts as each individual’s financial coach working to optimize their current financial situations by managing and minimizing financial risks, tax liabilities and positioning accounts for continued growth – regardless of market volatility.

Casey is an Investment Advisor Representative, permitting him to advise on a variety of investments. He also holds life, accident and health licenses and has a Certified in Long-Term Care industry designation.

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